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Event Dates: May 24th- 27th, 2019
Event Address: DoubleTree by Hilton Hotels 18740 International Blvd.
Seattle, WA 98188
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6. If the event is using a published adventure, is the author of the adventure running it? This does not include home-brewed material, only published adventures.
7. How much time will your event take (including set up and clean up: a standard game is recommended at 4 hours, seminars or panels at 1 hour and workshops 1-2 hours). *
8. If you want to run your event in the evening or overnight between 6pm and 8am on Friday, Saturday or Sunday night/Monday morning, please indicate the day(s) and hours below:
Friday and Sunday from 7pm-11:59pm may overlap a Pathfinder or Starfinder special event, Saturday from 7pm-10pm will overlap the PaizoCon Preview Banquet.
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9. Do you have potential or known scheduling conflicts that affect your availability during PaizoCon hours, Friday at 8am to Monday at 2pm, such as transportation arrivals/departures, organized play GMing, childcare arrangements, etc? You do not need to list other events you are submitting.
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10. Is this an Organized Play scenario or adventure? (use "other" for non-Paizo organized play or global campaign events).
11. Game or rules system & edition (where applicable)
12. Does this event need to be run before or after another event or at a specific time? Provide details here:
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13. List GMs, panelists, etc, for program book and website event description. Use Industry/Professional names as applicable. Alphabetical by last name. This will appear along with event information and will be public. **By adding a name here, you acknowledge that you have received written consent from the named person which allows you to provide us with this data and informs them of how their data will be used.** *
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14. account email addresses of all GMs, panelists, etc including your own if you will be at the event. This allows us to add the event to convention schedules on or a 3rd party event scheduling application. It is still your responsibility to communicate when and where an event has been scheduled with your fellow event leaders or panelists. **By adding email address(s) here, you acknowledge that you have received written consent from the owner of the email address which allows you to provide us with this data and informs them of how their data will be used.** (Private, is used to connect events to account's PaizoCon schedules. Email addresses will not be made public):
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15. Materials Needed by Event Attendees (List any required rulebooks under "Other") *
16. Does this event require the use of a character? *
17. For characters that players bring, list character creation rules, restrictions or guidelines:
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19. Recommended Age for Event (per our convention policy, minors must be under their parent or guardians supervision) *
20. Maximum Number of Attendees *
Standard round gaming tables comfortably hold 6 players, conference style rectangles max 16 players. Workshops can be held in a seminar room (50-75 people) or in a smaller room (up to 25-30) If you have questions or concerns about the number of attendees or the event spaces, please email If you event has a specific number of people needed, no more or less, please indicate this in your answer.
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21. Does your event have AV needs?
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