NCDD Emerging Leaders Initiative Survey
Thank you very much for participating in NCDD's survey of our Emerging Leaders cohort! This survey is aimed at people in the D&D field and NCDD network who are 35 and under, relatively new to the field, and/or are current students. We plan to use the information from this survey to better understand how we can support rising leaders in becoming more involved and recognized in the D&D field.
This survey should only take you 10-15 minutes. We thank you in advance for your time and thoughts!
About You
These first few questions are to help us understand who our Emerging Leaders are.
First and Last Name
Feel free to fill this out anonymously, if you'd prefer.
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What city and state do you live in?
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How old are you?
Are you currently enrolled at a college/university?
If so, which college/university?
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If you are a student, what is/are your major(s) / focus(es) / content area(s)?
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What parts of the dialogue & deliberation field are you most interested in?
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Do you intend to pursue professional work and/or a career in one or more of the above?
How long have you been involved or interested in dialogue, deliberation, and/or public engagement work?
How much experience do you have with dialogue and/or deliberation processes?
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