Highline Public Schools Equity Symposium Call for Proposals
On August 27 and 28 all Highline staff will come together to deepen their learning and understanding about equity. All staff will attend for one day, attending a session focused on implicit bias as well as selecting an additional session to attend. Sessions will be 90 minutes.

The symposium is one component of a larger trajectory of learning staff will engage in throughout the year. The symposium provides staff with differentiated learning opportunities which will inform and complement ongoing school or departmental work happening throughout the school year.

Highline staff, students, and the community are invited to offer sessions. Proposals are due May 10, and will be reviewed by May 24. Questions can be directed to the Equity Symposium Planning Team by contacting Bernard Koontz at 206 631 3155 or bernard.koontz@highlineschools.org. Professional consultants and speakers on topics related to racial equity should contact Bernard Koontz directly to discuss opportunities for featured speakers roles.

Before you begin, please review the list of common expectations for all presenters listed below. Because it is critical for our students and their success that we provide high quality learning on equity during this symposium, all presenters are asked to agree to the following commitments:

-- review the presenter technical assistance instructions provided prior to the symposium

-- create and provide a full and robust 90 minute presentation

-- provide opportunities for participants to reflect on and name implications and next steps throughout the year

-- provide time and instructions to complete exit tickets (5-10 minutes)*

-- upload materials for participants to view electronically*

*following instructions provided in the technical assistance

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Thank you! We will be reviewing all proposals and get back to you by May 24.
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