Shady Park WZ Tournament
January 11th 2021 6PM - 9PM MST purse based on total entries
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Trios Kill Race 1.11.21
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Rules of Play

Each kill: 1 point

1st place: 25 points
2nd place: 18 points
3rd place: 14 points
4th place - 8th place: 10 points
9th place - 14th place: 5 points
15th place - 20th place: 3 points


$15 entry fee (prior to day of)

In the event of a tie, the team with the highest number of kills from a single player from one of the reported games wins.

Tournament winners will be paid out via PayPal

A minimum of 15 teams must enter for tournament to take place. If minimum team requirement isn't met, refunds will be issued.

Tournament results will be announced on the Discord page.

Please contact a staff member on Discord if you have any questions. Failure to adhere to the rules listed above may result in a team DQ and/or player ban at the discretion of Shady Esports.

Player Substitution: If a player needs to drop from the event the team may bring in a substitute at not extra charge. Once the event begins at 7 PM EST there may be no player substitutions. DM a staff member in the discord for further instruction.

Technical Issues: Players and teams that encounter technical issues are not eligible for refunds. Technical issues include but are not limited to: power outages, internet service outages / interruptions, poor weather weather, broken equipment, CoD server outages or interruptions, and in game bugs and glitches.

Age requirements: Must be 13 years of age or older to receive payout from the tournaments. players under the age of 13 may participate only with parental permission.

Registration: One player from each team is required to register the group. A team name and all participating players Activision IDs must be given at registration. Upon receipt of team fee, the team will be added to our active team list for the tournament.

Account requirements: Players must have at least 50 games played on their account.
If a player has multiple accounts they must play on the account with the highest KD.


NO CHEATING - Anyone caught cheating will be immediately disqualifed and banned from ALL future tournaments.

Team KD of 6 or less

Cross play must be enabled

Must play trios in public lobbies

Teams are alotted three hours starting at 6pm MST- 9PM MST to play as many games as they want/can. If a game is started before the cut off at 9PM MST, the team will be allowed to finish that game.

Screenshots of completed games must be submitted through the discord to one of the admins.

One player from each team must check in 30 minutes prior to the game starting.

All platforms allowed

If a player is disconnected during the tournament, the team will be allowed to continue playing in no fill trios.
You AGREE to the rules provided above. *
Discord Name. (All team members must join) *
Send $15 over paypal to @YungGnomiePark.
@YungGnomiePark on paypal and send $15.
For questions
DM Mr Gnomington in the discord
DM Shady Peacock in the discord
They are the tournament admins.
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