Say NO to Forced RTO!
We, the employees of Bloomberg INDG, oppose a mandatory return to the office. This past year has shown that we can - and do - succeed in a flexible, remote-work environment. Remote work works!

The workplace of the future will leverage many spaces of collaboration, both physical and virtual. The Guild invites Bloomberg INDG to embrace that emerging reality and the many opportunities it presents.

Management currently claims we are “excited” to return to the office, but a recent Guild survey shows the opposite. Of 188 respondents, nearly three-quarters (73%) want to remain completely remote or have the option to work remotely part-time.

In the short term, employees are worried about the risk to their physical health posed by Covid-19 and its new variants in an open-office environment, and they don’t want to put their families in danger.

In the long term, working from home has improved our work-life balance by allowing us to spend more time with our families instead of commuting - benefiting the environment by reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

Many employees have reaped mental and physical health benefits from working remotely, including: flexibility to navigate serious diagnoses without missing much work; reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety, leading to reduced or eliminated need for prescription drugs; and the ability to exercise more, with many reporting significant weight loss.

The majority of INDG survey respondents say they are more productive or as productive as they were in an office setting.

But we don’t need to ask the employees about their productivity. The company acknowledges that we can prosper in a remote-working environment.

Josh Eastright said on April 15 that “we just completed an incredibly strong Q1, coming off the heels of a very strong Q4 in 2020.”

“Building on the momentum from year-end, January was a tremendous month, with strong year-over-year sales growth and increasing retention,” Eastright said Feb. 17.

Additionally, national data shows that working from home is expected to create a 5% productivity boost in the post-pandemic economy due to re-optimized working arrangements and time saved on commuting, according to a study published in April in the National Bureau of Economic Research.

The benefits of working from home and the overwhelming shift toward that model is evident in the study, which interviewed over 30,000 Americans to project that 20% of full workdays will be supplied from home after the pandemic ends, compared with just 5% before. The nation is going through a fundamental change in how and where we work. If Bloomberg wants to remain relevant and competitive when it comes to hiring and retaining quality employees, they're going to have to accept the reality of the world's new workforce.

We ask management to come to the table to discuss permanent remote-work options.


Jason Albright, Guild Unit Chair
Fatima Hussein, Reporter, Labor Desk
Andrew Kreighbaum, reporter, Bloomberg Government
Valerie Bauman, senior reporter, Investigations Team
Ian Lopez, Senior Reporter, Health
Jon Reid, Telecom reporter on the IP/Tech team
Lydia Wheeler, senior reporter
Sam McQuillan, Reporter, Tax Desk
Sarah E. Adkisson, Tax Analyst, Content and Analysis
Perry Cooper, Senior Reporter, IP
Jake Holland, Reporter, Privacy Desk
Maya Earls, Reporter, Law Desk
Erin Mulvaney, Senior Reporter, Labor
Sara Hansard, reporter, health
Tony Pugh, reporter, health
Ellen Gilmer, senior reporter, environment
Bobby Magill, reporter, Environment desk
Sylvia Carignan, reporter, Legal Intelligence
Jennifer Hijazi, senior reporter, environment
Sam Skolnik, senior reporter, Bloomberg Law
Aaron Kessler, data reporter, Investigations Team
David Hood, Reporter, Tax Desk
Ayanna Alexander, reporter, Bloomberg Law
Shira Stein, reporter, Health
Jeannie Baumann senior reporter, health
Bonnie Taylor, senior legal index editor, Bloomberg Tax
Megan Boyanton, Reporter, Bloomberg Government
Ruiqi Chen, reporter, Bloomberg Law
Adam Taylor, legislative analyst, Bloomberg Government
Andrea Vittorio, Senior Reporter, Privacy
Jasmine Han, data reporter, Investigations Team
Michaela Ross, content editor
Andrew Satter, Senior Video Journalist
William Welkowitz, Legal Content Specialist, Bloomberg Law
Carolyn Sims, senior legal content specialist, Bloomberg Industry Group
Siri Bulusu, reporter, Bloomberg Law
David S. Epstein, Senior Legal Content Specialist, Bloomberg Law
Lydia O’Neal, reporter, Bloomberg Tax
Lydell Bridgeford, content specialist
Jacob Arnett, Research Analyst, Bloomberg Government
Lauren Colandreo, analyst, Bloomberg Tax
Melissa B. Robinson, senior content editor
Katie Devinney, Tax Analyst, BTAX
Kayla R. Webb, software engineer
Marissa Horn, digital editor
Mike Leonard, reporter, Legal Intel desk
Audryana Camacho, Tax Law Analyst, Bloomberg Tax
Stephen Lee, senior reporter, Environment
Brian Flood, reporter, Bloomberg Law
Rebecca Fribush, legal content specialist, Bloomberg Law
Lauren Kett, Sr. UX Designer, Bloomberg Tax
Nicola M. White, reporter, Bloomberg Tax
Dan Walker, QA analyst, bgov/blaw
Christy Pulfrey, writer-editor, Bloomberg Tax
Steve Joseph, Sr UX Designer, News + Bloomberg Law
Aysha Bagchi, reporter, Bloomberg Tax
David Schultz, audio producer, Central News
Alexander DiPirro-Beard, Product Analyst, Tax Planning
Andrew Ramonas, reporter, Bloomberg Law
Nicholas Kelley, Product Analyst, Tax Planning
Adam Allington, Audio Producer, Bloomberg Law
Jordan Rubin, SCOTUS coverage, Federal Courts team
Jacklyn Wille, senior reporter, Legal Intelligence
Jennifer Bennett, Reporter, Legal Intelligence
Daniel Seiden, senior reporter, Legal Intelligence
Julie Steinberg, Senior Reporter, Legal Intelligence
Martina Barash, reporter, Legal Intelligence
Peter Hayes, Senior Reporter, Legal Intelligence
Erik Brown, Senior Legal Content Specialist, Bloomberg Law
Ashley Fausset, Senior Tax Law Analyst, Bloomberg Tax
Jeffery Leon, reporter, Bloomberg Tax
Tammy Madison, Bloomberg Tax
Lisa Pfenninger, Senior Tax Law Analyst, Bloomberg Tax
Amber Gorski, Tax Law Analyst, Bloomberg Tax
Adarsha Karki, Bloomberg Industry Group
Paula Firestone, QA Bloomberg Tax
Roberta Adams, BTT
James Vandeputte, Bloomberg Tax
Dan Tan, Tax Analyst, Bloomberg Tax
Eric Rodriguez, Bloomberg Tax
Alisa Johnson
Antwan Smith, AP Specialist, Bloomberg Finance
Julienne Leyh, Sales Support Specialist
Ray Algeo, Call Center Tech Support
James Rathjen, editor/writer, Bloomberg Tax
Patrick Vincent, Bloomberg Tax
Charlotte Tucker, legal content specialist, Bloomberg Law
Courtney Menard
Jane Baniewicz, Tax Law Analyst, Bloomberg Tax
Deb Coe, Order to Cash
Megan Mears, Data Analyst, Bloomberg Government
Olivia Scott, Bloomberg Tax
Jessica Busca, Tax Research Specialist, Bloomberg Tax
Mary Anne Pazanowski, Senior Reporter, Legal Intelligence
Laura Lieberman, BTAX
Jazlyn Williams, Bloomberg Tax
John Crawley, senior content editor Law Week
Denise Becker, Accreditations Coordinator
Jack Fitzpatrick, Bloomberg Government
Isabel Gottlieb, reporter, Bloomberg Tax
Tonia Moore, Senior Content Editor, Bloomberg Law
Robert Levinson, Senior Defense Analyst, Bloomberg Government
Michelle Butler, Senior Publication Specialist, INDG
Allyson Versprille, senior reporter, Bloomberg Tax
Mike Ventura, Call Center Tech Support
Mina Capouet, Tax Law Analyst, Bloomberg Tax
Ben Midas, Tax Analyst, Bloomberg Tax
Jonathan Hurtarte, Graphics
Daniel J Donoghue, Senior Systems Analyst, INDG
Karina Green, Senior Software Engineer, Bloomberg Industry Group
Stephanie Hsu, Senior Research Analyst, BGOV
Jessica McClure, Sr. Analyst, Bloomberg Government
Robert Iafolla, senior reporter
Genevieve Douglas, Reporter, Labor Desk
Ian Kullgren, reporter, Bloomberg Law
Alexa Woods, BTAX
Michelle Anderson AP Bloomberg Finance
Sabika Khan, Bloomberg Industry group
Madison Alder, reporter, Bloomberg Law
Veronica Cannon, Sales Support
Duncan Schertler, Sales Support Operations Specialist
Doug Njoroge, Sales Support Specialist
Jenny Roesle, Senior Sales Support Specialist
Pat Rizzuto, reporter Bloomberg Law
Angela Bedregal, Operations Specialist, Sales Support
David Johnson Sales Support
Bria Greenfield
Andrew Wallender, Investigative Reporter, Investigations Team
Henry Sherwin, Business Analyst, INDG
Daniel Gill, reporter Bloomberg Law - bankruptcy
Joe Lustig, Senior Legal Content Specialist
Amanda Iacone, Reporter, Bloomberg Tax
Brittney Washington, Legislative Analyst
Allyssa I. Mullins, Employee Marketing Specialist
Naoreen Chowdhury, Legislative Analyst, Bloomberg Government
Kaustuv Basu, senior reporter, Bloomberg Tax
Benjamin Katzman, Sales Support Coordinator
Ben Penn, senior reporter, Bloomberg Law
Paige Smith, reporter, Bloomberg Law
Tiffany Stecker, California correspondent
Paul Peters, Data Support Analyst, Senior, INDG
Sony Kassam, content editor, Bloomberg Tax
Paul Murphy, Senior Data Analyst, BGOV
Jacquie Lee, reporter, Bloomberg Law
Ken Doyle, BGOV
David Christ, Associate Data Scientist, BGOV
Jeremy Fields, Associate Data Scientist, BGOV
Timothy Yeaney, Director Product Data, BGOV
Aaron Saidi, Research Analyst, BGOV
Stacey Guckes, legal content specialist
Elliott Dube, legal editor
LaShana Myers, Business Operations Specialist
Gary Diggs, paralegal
Johnnie Campos, research analyst
Rachel Greenlee, Communications Specialist
Kenya Wortherly, BLAW QA
Tina Moore-Rollins, INDG Finance
Cherish Strickland, Senior Copywriter
Kristina Iliev, UX Researcher, INDG
Emily Cooper, Senior Copywriter
Morgan Lee, Bloomberg Tax
Molly Ward, Digital Editor
Samantha Albert, Digital Media
Stefan DeAlmeida, Client Service Associate
Sam Delano, Client Service Associate
Jillian Black, Client Service Associate
Benjamin J. Cooper, Content Specialist, Bloomberg Law
Thomas Harrington, Client Service Associate
Tracey Adams, Email Marketing Specialist
Bonnie Jarvis, Sales Support Specialist
Branden Wycuff, Email Marketing Specialist
Peter Runfola, Tax Analyst, Bloomberg Tax
Kevin Thayer, Tax Analyst, Bloomberg Tax
Lydia Beyoud, Senior Reporter, Bloomberg Law
Larry Frank, Writer/Editor, Bloomberg Tax
Troy Hayes, Call Center Tech Support
Peter Atwill, Client Service Partner
Mary Shields, Bloomberg Law
Jequetta Byrd, Tax Analyst, Bloomberg Tax
Austin R. Ramsey, reporter, Bloomberg Law
Victoria Frappaolo, Bloomberg Law
Tara Rajani
Roy Strom, Reporter, Bloomberg Law
Peter Rasmussen, Legal Analyst, Bloomberg Law
Joyce Cutler, San Francisco staff correspondent
Jennifer Kay, Miami correspondent
Brittany Long, Marketing
Leslie Pappas, bankruptcy reporter, Bloomberg Law
Brian Baxter, reporter, Bloomberg Law
Linda Ouyang, Research and Data Analyst, Bloomberg Law
Cornelia Xu, Marketing
Michael Bologna, staff correspondent
Ryan McCabe, Senior Research Analyst, BLaw
Nancy Ognanovich, Bloomberg Government
Gayathri Rajaram, Bloomberg INDG
Tami Craig, Sales Audit, INDG Finance Dept
James Ferguson, Tax Analyst, Bloomberg Tax
Al Kish, Tax Law Editor/Analyst
Kathleen Dailey, Reporter, Legal Intelligence
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