Litmus Live 2020
Thanks for taking some time to help us out, email friends! You've been an integral part of Litmus Live since day one, so we're excited to hear from you about how we can best deliver Litmus Live 2020. Responses can be sent anonymously and all thoughts or ideas are welcome. You've helped make Litmus Live the premier email conference, and we look forward to including your ideas this year and beyond!
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Ideally, how would you like to attend a Litmus Live event this year?
If Litmus Live was online this year, what kind of structure would you expect?
Have you attended any other conferences this year?
If you've attended an online conference, which conference was it?
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What was your favorite part of the online conference?
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How about your least favorite?
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What are some topics you'd like to learn about through Litmus Live?
A few ideas include AMP, accessibility, email attribution, deliverability, segmentation, strategy, copywriting...
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What are two things you would change about Litmus Live?
Whether it's enhancing what you like the most about the event or an area that you'd like some additional emphasis, this is the place to let us know what would make attending more beneficial to you.
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Up to sharing a video with us?
Record a quick video (doesn't have to be fancy) telling us what you're hoping to learn about email this year. Or just tell us a story about something cool that happened at Litmus Live in the past or how much the email community means to you. We may use it in a blog post or something cool later down the road. Throw it up on YouTube or something similar and share the URL below!
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Finally, are you open to follow up questions if we have any?
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