The British Improv Project Weekend 17-19 April 2020 - Event #10
Event Address: Stoke Rochford Hall Hotel, Stoke Rochford, Grantham NG33 5EJ

Questions? Please email Geoff and Tom at

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We have two jam nights at BIP - one long-form (split into four formats - e.g. Harold/Montage/Living Room/Musical Montage) & one short-form. Due to the large number of attendees, we generally ask people to pick one night or the other. Which jam are you most likely to want to participate in?
Are you interested in teaching a 90 minute workshop session in return for a reduction of £25? We expect that many attendees will be interested in teaching, so please don't expect to teach more than one workshop (plus a repeat, so you can get up to £50 off the weekend price). We want to ensure the best quality and range of workshops possible, so please describe your prior teaching experience. We'll email you with more info approx 4 weeks before the event.
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Booking conditions summary & privacy policy
1. You're coming to have fun!

2. You are participating in an improv event which by its very nature is co-operative and this event is non-profit. We are therefore all 'co-organisers' of the event and we all assume responsibility for our own health and safety unless the fault of the venue. Personal travel insurance is recommended.

3. Should you need to cancel. We have signed a contract for a minimum of 40 people. The venue imposes the following conditions, so we have to pass these on if you or we can't find someone to take your place. Please pay the balance by 28th February, but should nobody take your place we may still need part or all of the balance paid. This has not happened at the 9 previous events and they have all reached minimum numbers comfortably. Please note that cancellation within 14 days will result in the loss of your payments if nobody wants your spot at short notice.

60 days prior to the date of arrival - Deposit of £30 which you paid when you booked becomes non-refundable
21-15 days prior to the date of arrival - 50%
14 days or less prior to the date of arrival - 100%.

4. Your personal data will only be used in relation to BIP events and not shared anywhere else. Only your name will be provided to the hotel for your room. Your name and home town/city will be published on the BIP event programme which may be publicly obtainable.
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