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The mission of the Tennessee High School Online Learning Program is to provide students with high quality, flexible, and technology-based courses that allow them to maximize their potential to succeed as high school graduates. New and emerging technology-based educational options will allow THS students flexibility in course structure and will offer multiple online learning experiences working on-site and off-site to complete coursework.

Credit Recovery Objective
The goal of Credit Recovery (CR) is to give high school students the opportunity to graduate in a timely manner. This program has policies and procedures that allow students who have failed a course (with a score of 50-69) an opportunity to gain course credit without repeating the entire course in a classroom. Recovered credit(s) will be awarded when students have completed the required coursework and have an overall grade average equal to or above 70% in the credit recovery course. According to the Tennessee Department of Education guidelines, students will awarded a 70 - D upon credit recovery completion.

Online New Credit Course Objectives
The goal of the Tennessee High School Online New Credit Program is to give THS students the opportunity to graduate in a timely manner. This program has policies and procedures that provide students an opportunity to learn in a web-based environment. Please be aware that any student taking an EOC course for initial credit will not receive their final grade until after they have taken the appropriate EOC assessment and the score has been received by the school. For the 2017-2018 school year, the EOC assessments account for 15% of the student's overall grade in the EOC course. If you have questions, please see your school counselor.

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