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The StandOut Women’s Leadership Program is for women who are ready to make 2020 their best year yet! Our 5-module program will help you sharpen focus, and achieve your dreams and goals.

Module 1: Knowing What You’re Supposed To Do: Unearthing your hidden strengths for leadership success. How deliberately do you think ahead and plan what kind of life you want to lead? This module will shake you out of your comfort zone and change the way you think about yourself and your leadership. Based on the groundbreaking research from Harvard Business Review, this module will help participants to gain greater clarity on where their true strengths lie and strategize on how to position themselves for effectiveness and influence—personally and professionally.

Module 2: The Image of Leadership: Did you know that it takes 5 seconds to form a first impression of you? Research proves that how you package yourself is a determining factor in the level of success and influence you are likely to enjoy in your profession. The goal of this module is to help participants understand the internationally accepted do’s and don’ts of leadership style expressed through dress and grooming; ensuring they stand out for the right reasons

Module 3: Outclass The Competition: Participants will leave this seminar with an understanding of the norms and protocols governing international business; learn strategies for tasteful self-promotion, and gain insights that will enable them to acquire the polish of accomplished world-class professional.

Module 4: Treating Yourself Like an Asset: This module focuses on wellness and self-care. Women leaders are often outwardly focused and neglect their health and wellness. Certified wellness coaches will lead participants through exercises designed to establish them on a life-long journey good health and wellness. Coaches will work with each participant to develop personal goals for healthy eating, exercise, and leisure.

Module 5: Leadership in the Private Sphere: How to balance home and non-work relationships – For many women leaders, whatever happens in our personal lives invariably carries over to our work. How do we ensure the lines between personal and professional are not blurred? What strategies can we employ to ensure that work does not suffer, even when we are stressed or hurting?

Program Details
Date: March 14, 2020
Time: 8:30 AM to 6:30 PM
Venue: Ghana Academy of Arts & Sciences, Accra-Ghana
Cost: 500 GHS / $90 per person
Contact: Call, SMS or Whatsapp Selasie Lore +233 24 150 0200 / Augustina +233 24 293 8781 or Henrietta +233 24 541 0621

Please take the time to answer all questions thoughtfully, with enough detail to help us understand who you are. Please keep your replies to 200 words or less per response. We review each application in detail, and we look forward to reading yours!

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