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Discord Name? (Ex. Username#0001) *
What is your Steam and your HEX *
What is Fail rp and what is Fear rp? *
What is New Life Rule? *
What is Random Deathmatch? (RDM) *
What is Vehicle Deathmatch? (VDM) * *
What is Powergaming? Give an example of powergaming. *
What is your age? *
Why do you want to become a staff in this server and why should we pick you over anyone else? (100 words minimum) *
Have you been staff in other servers? (If so put the server you were staff for and your position) *
What will the staff team benefit with you in it? (50 words minimum) *
What is a green zone? List 5 places that would be considered Green zones. *
Scenario: You show up to a scene of RDM there is multiple people talking at once what do you do? *
Scenario 2: You get a call of RDM. You get to the scene and the person RDM's you and starts saying words against TOS what do you do? *
Scenario 3: You get a call for VDM. You tp to the person and they are dead. Once revive they say that they got VDM by someone. They have a clip but not there ID what steps do you take? *
Do understand if you are accepted and you say something against TOS rules your staff will immediately be taken? *
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