Grassroots 2019 Offering Proposal
We want to co-create this event with you! This event is a "grassroots" Touch&Play model, meaning we are providing a more affordable price and inviting more collective contributions of activity offerings, facilitation and labor from the participants.
We are encouraging participants to submit proposals for event offerings. We invite proposals for classes, group activities, collaborations and experiences that bring to life the themes valued by the T&P community.

A few of the modalities, practices, & subjects which this event is inspired by and which we encourage (but not limit) you to consider including in your proposal: art-making, nature connection, NVC (Non-Violent Communication), Tantra, breathwork, racial equity, power & resistance play, community building, The Work (Byron Katie), role-play, BDSM, conscious kink, Somatic mindfulness, Authentic Movement, ritual, vocal embodiment, conflict transformation, Queer & Gender studies, spirituality & CI, social justice, consent and boundary play, etc.

Our goals for this event and it's offerings include:
Building a diverse community with embodied, emotional, and erotic intelligence
Deepening our culture of consent and accountability
Finding greater freedom & deeper connections
Creating permission to explore physical & emotional edges while simultaneously defining healthy boundaries.
Bringing these communication tools into our creative art and performance making processes..

You are invited to dare to propose an offering, class or experience that would make your life more wonderful to see come true.

Feel free to propose multiple offerings. Wild imaginings as well as small, simple and familiar ideas are welcome.

For inspiration and orientation, take a look at the websites from the previous years to see what classes have been offered:

2018 Touch & Play Asheville: Fertile Ground:
2016 Touch & Play: Embodying An Intimate Language – Earthdance, Plainfield, MA:
2017 Touch & Play: Unveiling – Earthdance, Plainfield, MA
2018 Touch & Play: Truth or Dare-– Earthdance, Plainfield, MA:

We have a curation team who will be reviewing and weaving together selected proposals to create a delicious journey maximizing wonderfulness and prioritizing a spacious schedule with ample time for transitions and integration. Thank you for submitting!
If we are interested in your offering and/or facilitation we'll be in touch.

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Is this an offering you are planning to facilitate/set up or an idea for someone else to facilitate/ set up? Please know that it is more likely we will be able to incorporate ideas that have someone clearly willing to take responsibility for carrying them out.
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100 words max. Include intention, format (dyads vs group etc), and general overview. Have your description portray the sense of what a participant may expect and be excited about in participating in your offering.
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Relating to Identities as a Facilitator
Tell us about how you navigate and relate to identities in your role as a facilitator and/or teacher
In your teaching or facilitating, how do you navigate creating an inclusive environment for groups of mixed gender and non-conforming gender?
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In your teaching or facilitating, how do you navigate creating an inclusive environment for groups of mixed racial identity?
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