Birth Circle Impact Survey 2016
The Birth Circle's mission is to educate, support and empower women and families as they journey through pregnancy, childbirth, the postpartum period, and early childhood. This quick, anonymous survey will help us measure our impact and ensure that we are indeed meeting our mission. Results will be used to secure grant funding to expand our reach and strengthen our services. Thank you so much for your time.

A note to partners: Your opinions are very important to us and we have tried to word the questions to include you as well. If it feels confusing or if we did not offer options that represent your experiences, please use the "other" boxes to explain. Thanks!

I am a:
I (or my partner) most recently gave birth or plan to give birth:
If this was not where you (or your partner) intended and/or wanted to give birth, please explain:
My ideal birthing place and care provider would be:
How many Birth Circle meetings and/or events have you attended in the past 2 years?
Please check all Birth Circle programs, events or services which you have attended or used:
Which Birth Circle programs/events do you find most valuable:
How can The Birth Circle improve our programs and events?
Your answer
Please check all areas in which you felt your knowledge was expanded or strengthened through your involvement with The Birth Circle:
What do you feel is the most important need the Birth Circle fills in the community?
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Which of the following Monthly Meeting topics do you find the most valuable/interesting?
What future Monthly Meeting topics would you like the Birth Circle to present?
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Birth Circle Monthly Meetings are currently held the last Wednesday of the month at 7:00 pm. Is there a different time/day of week that would make it easier for you to attend a Monthly Meeting. If so, what is your ideal time/day?
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We would like to offer an option besides our Monthly Meetings for families to access our lending library of books, DVDs, baby carriers and other supplies. What days of the week and/or times would you find most convenient to check out items?
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Is there anything you would like to add that will help the Birth Circle improve our programs, events or services?
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If you would like someone from the Birth Circle to contact you about your needs or concerns, please provide your name and phone number/email address below.
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