A Call from the Heart of the YU Community
On October 25, Yeshiva University leadership announced the creation of a new initiative, Kol Yisrael Areivim, intended for LGBTQ+ students. This initiative was created without the knowledge of any LGBTQ+ students at YU, student leaders, and the Office of Student Life, despite following shortly after the initiation of open, good-faith dialogue between YU leadership and LGBTQ+ students. As supporters of YU, we respectfully ask YU leadership to listen to its LGBTQ+ students so this conflict can be resolved peacefully and privately and so LGBTQ+ Jews will get the full recognition and support they deserve in their Jewish communities. Specifically, we ask for the following: 
  1. Dissolve the new Kol Yisrael Areivim initiative, as no LGBTQ+ students were involved in or consulted about its creation.
  2. Re-enter dialogue with the Pride Alliance.
  3. Commit to full transparency and cooperation with the Pride Alliance in finding a new solution, including the following:
    1. Naming specific objections to the Pride Alliance’s proposals.
    2. Clearly and specifically delineating the requirements the Pride Alliance needs to meet to earn approval from YU administration and the Office of Student Life.
    3. Clearly and specifically delineating the requirements any potential Pride Alliance events and initiatives need to meet in order to earn approval.
Full letter can be read here: yeshivaunited.org
If you are a student, alumna/us, faculty, or staff member of YU and wish to sign the letter in that capacity as well, you may sign again using this form: bit.ly/SignYULetter

Guidelines for signing:
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5. Please bear in mind that this letter will be able to be viewed by the public, and that we are collecting emails for spam prevention purposes only.
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