Lowcountry Digital Library Survey
Please help us improve the Lowcountry Digital Library (LCDL) website and services by answering a short survey!
1. Are you a first-time user of the Lowcountry Digital Library (LCDL)?
2. How did you hear about LCDL?
3. Tell us a bit about yourself. Please select all that apply:
4. Overall, how easy to use is the LCDL website?
5. How easy to understand is the information on the LCDL website?
6. How easy is it to find what you are looking for on the LCDL website?
7. How visually appealing did you find the website?
8. How did you search the digital library? Please select all that apply:
9. Please list any tools/features that you think the LCDL website needs or should improve upon:
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10. How does this website compare to other digital libraries?
11. Please rate your overall experience of the LCDL website (5 being the best experience and 1 being the worst experience):
12. Please provide any additional feedback or suggestions for how we can improve the Lowcountry Digital Library website here, or contact Amanda Noll, Project Coordinator, at nolla@cofc.edu:
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