Foxwalk Forest School Registration, 2019-20
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This person should be the primary contact for the child attending this program.
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Please note: email is the primary way we communicate important information and last-minute changes. We encourage parents to put their most frequently checked email address her and to make sure that is listed as a safe sender.
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Please put a second contact person in case we have questions about your child's participation and we cannot reach the person you put for "Parent or Legal Guardian 1". This might be another parent or other person who should receive information about your child's participation in this program. This person does not have to be the same as the "Emergency Contact" you will fill out on the medical form, but they can be.
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Sibling names and ages
How much time does your child spend outdoors?
Where does/will your child go to school (or is your child homeschooled)?
What passions/interests will your child bring to this program? What do you particularly want your child to gain from the program?
Please describe your child's experience with wilderness and naturalist skills including day or overnight programs attended and/or experience with mentors. How does your child feel about coming to Foxwalk? (excited, anxious, worried, etc.)
How does your child interact with other children one-on-one and in a group? At home? At school?
How does your child interact with adults? Please address listening skills and ability to follow directions.
Does your child have any medical, physical, intellectual or emotional conditions that may effect his/her ability to participate in this program? If so, please describe.
Anything else you want to us to know?
Scholarship Application
The Vermont Wilderness School's Great Blue Heron Fund provides tuition reductions for this and other VWS programs. The average scholarship rate we offer is 20-30% off the low end of the sliding scale. Scholarship requests are due by August 1st, but the earlier you make your request the better. We will reply by August 10th.
$ Amount of scholarship funds I am requesting:
Please share any information you choose about your scholarship request.
$ Program Fee for this Single Registration *
Full year: $1,225 – $1,700 (sliding scale) for 26 Sessions. Actual per-student cost is $1,400. Half-year (Fall or Spring term) sign-ups considered on an individual basis. Fee: $612.50 – $850. Actual per-student cost is $700.
$ My Donation to the Scholarship Fund
The Great Blue Heron Fund provides scholarship funds to this and other VWS programs. Consider donating the full cost of another child's tuition! Your donation is tax deductible.
$ Total I Owe *
Program Fee +PLUS+ Donation
$ Amount I am paying TODAY for this single registration *
A deposit of $150 is required to reserve a slot.
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If you will be using a PayPal Payment account associated with a different name than the one used in this registration, please let us know!
(This helps us associate your payment with your registration.)
Photo release? *
With the rise of social media people, and especially parents, are justifiably sensitive to how images of them and their children are used. We are too. We try to balance this with the fact that we are a tiny non-profit that both prizes authenticity and keeping our programs as financially accessible as we can. So rather than using images from professional marketing photoshoots in our outreach materials we prefer tasteful & relevant pictures of participants taken by VWS instructors & staff. Do you consent to images of you and/or your child/children being used in our outreach materials? Saying "yes" really helps us keeps our prices lower (so we don't have to spend more on marketing) and helps us tell our story so we deeply appreciate it, but you are always welcome to say "no." Visit this webpage for more information:
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