EVIL BUNNY HUNT Blogger Application
This application is to blog for our HUNTS, not events. Event application is separate. Please visit www.evilbunnysl.com and click EVENTS to view application link for events. We do these hunts/year: Stupid Cupid, Evil Bunny, Beached Bunny, Boo! Bunny, and Jerky Turkey.

Requirements for the hunts are:
2 posts/week-send notices in the group and NC Allie Munro with your links
Must stay in the group during the duration of the hunt & if you want to blog for future hunts. You will only stay in the group with a hunt blogger tag, if you fill the requirements for the hunt and send a NC of your links to Serenity Quar at the end of the event. You are required to send notices in-group of coverage as well as post to our flickr group and facebook page.

You must be an active blogger and have blogged longer than 1 month. GOOD quality pictures and accurate credits/links to designers required. You and 1 other person are allowed to be in the group as bloggers.


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You will be required to be in a group to blog for EBH Merchants-is this alright? *
By the way, if you have no space, it's required and you won't be accepted
During the hunts (6/year) you will be required to make 2 posts/week-does this work for you? *
You will need to send notices in the hunt group with your links and NC Allie Munro with coverage links
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