2020Cultural Tours In Central Taiwan 文化遠朋2th
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※注意事項 (Important )Additional Information
※ 摺頁旅程介紹An Introduction To Our Tours : https://reurl.cc/pyXLye

Number of applicants: Each group is limited to 40 people.The event will be conducted in English.

2、每場次每所學校(機構、單位),參加人員最多 6 人。
Participants from the same school (organization, departement) are not allowed to be more than 6 in each session.

3、※(重要)申請資格:全程免費,邀請在臺灣之國際人士參加 7 項文化藝術微旅行,每場次的國際人士不得重複報名,人數額滿即截止報名,並公布錄取名單於臉書"Cultural Tours In Central Taiwan文化遠朋",請民眾密切留意。
※(Essential )Applicant qualifications: The tours are free of charge. International guests in Taiwan are welcome to participate in any of the 7 cultural tours, but each person can sign up for one tour only. When a tour is full, the application for that tour is closed and the list of participants will be posted on the website of Facebook "Cultural Tours In Central Taiwan文化遠朋" Please pay close attention to the latest news on our website.

4、※(重要)為避免浪費名額,請先繳交保證金500元,活動當天退還。報名後不接受任何原因缺席,缺席者恕不退還保證金。請在參加的梯次活動「前1周」匯款,並將「保證金繳交書」及檢附文件寄至: estherch129@gmail.com (Esther )
「保證金繳交書」文件請下載 : 【活動以保證金完成匯款為報名成功依據】
※(Essential )To avoid no-shows, 500NTD refundable deposit is required. Deposit will not be refunded if the applicant is absent. Please kindly make the payment « a week » before the departure and send the « Deposit Confirmation Form » with requested documents to estherch129@gmail.com (Esther )
Download « Deposit Confirmation Form »:https://reurl.cc/pyXLye
【Registration is only completed after the deposit payment is made】

5、參加者必須提出參與之心得摘要(最少中英文250 字),藉由文字、照片或影像,在自己的社群平台上( YouTube、Facebook、Instagram)呈現,並將連結或截圖分享給主辦單位。
It is necessary for the participants to submit the feedback (more than 250 words in Chinese/English) with or without pictures/ vidoes and share it on the social media (Youtube, Facebook, Instagram), please send the link or screenshot to the organizer.

In order to get involved in the activity, the participants please come with your national flag or any item related to your country.

7、活動詳情請參見臉書粉絲專頁最新公告,並請按讚加入活動粉絲團https://reurl.cc/G0o6Z【Cultural Tours In Central Taiwan文化遠朋】,取得最新資訊。
For detailed information, please check the latest posts on our Facebook fan page: https://reurl.cc/G0o6Z【Cultural Tours In Central Taiwan文化遠朋】Just click the Like button and follow us!

We will arrange videotaping on that day to record the beautiful memories. Please show yourself!

Online registration is now opened, please scan the QR code and make the payment to complete the process. The seats for each routine are limited, registration platform will be closed once the day tour reaches full capacity. Sign up now if you are interested in Culture Tours in Central Taiwan!

Application closes immediately after the mission is full. Please enroll as soon as possible.

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