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***This lil zine is on hiatus while I get a grip on my grad school coursework! :) ***

"Have a Good One" aka HAG1, is a humble n free zine sent out randomly to a few people from its mailing list. I ran the zine monthly for a year, but right now it generally goes out every 6 weeks.

When Albert Camus wrote "At any street corner the feeling of absurdity can strike any man in the face," he was actually talking about this zine.

Because of the randomized pool, there is no guarantee you will receive a zine. This is part of the fun. This is also because I have very little money lolol. However, you can read some issues online if you want: https://issuu.com/doncols. I also occasionally make longer zines you can buy at http://dnld.bigcartel.com!

All writing and drawings made by me unless attributed otherwise. Collages are made with public domain images.

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