Discovery Survey for Elska Interiors
There is a bit of initial work in “Discovery” so that I can really get to know what speaks your language. You deserve something that feels special to you, no matter what your journey looks like.
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Which type of assistance do you anticipate needing?
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Who are the people you share your home with? Please include their relationship to you and age.
Do you have any pets? I'd love to know what kind and their names.
Which rooms in your home would you like to renovate/ decorate?
When would you like to see your renovation completed by?
How long are you expecting to live in this house for (it's useful to know if you need to account for selling in the next 1-5 years)?
What is your approximate renovation budget?
How You Live
In order for me to understand what needs to change in your home, I need to understand what currently works, what doesn't and what you're hoping to achieve. We may discuss these things further when we meet however the next set of questions will create a starting point for your design journey.
As you're answering, please include answers from any people who are decision makers in the space being renovated. For example if your child's bedroom is a focus for design and they are allowed a say in their own bedroom it will be useful to understand their thoughts.
What are some of the things you currently love about your home? (include answers from any decision makers in your home renovation)
What are you hoping your renovation will deliver (e.g. better cooking areas, a relaxing home, a quiet space to read)?
When you entertain how many people do you usually have over? Do you feel your home accommodates them at the moment?
Do you currently have guests staying with you for long or short periods? Do you anticipate relatives coming to live with you permanently in the future (e.g. aging parents)?
Do you or your family have any special needs that require catering (e.g. allergies, wheel chair access, sensory sensitive etc)?
Please tell me about any hobbies that might need a special place in your home (e.g. craft station, surf board collecting).
Describe your favourite holiday destination. (include answers from any decision makers in your home renovation)
Describe your favourite colour (e.g. light blue like the sky or deep blue green like the ocean). Please include name of person for each answer.
Describe your LEAST favourite colour (e.g. mission brown or eggplant purple). Please include name of person for each answer so that I can keep this in mind when designing bedrooms.
Please answer the following multiple choice.
As often as possible
Our family enjoy cooking
Our family enjoy entertaining friends and family
Our family enjoy gardening
Our family like to occupy the same spaces
Some or all of us work/study from home
We enjoy a DIY project
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Thank you so much for your responses. Feel free to let me know about anything else you think is important in this text box. Otherwise you can wait until we meet.
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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