The Small Publisher Ebook Survey
Thank you for your interest in assisting with my research. The purpose of this project is to gather reliable data on the varied means by which small and medium-sized publishers around the world are designing, making, distributing, protecting, and selling ebooks.

The survey was briefly closed to responses while I analysed my initial set of results. However, I have now re-opened the questionnaire to responses, in the hope that it will become an ongoing survey of the state of small press ebook publishing. You can read the results from the initial set of responses here:

The survey consists of thirty multiple choice and check-box questions, all of them optional, and is divided into seven pages: Basic Information, Sales and Marketing, Production, Design, Distribution, Digital Rights Management, and Consent and Form Submission. It will take no more than ten minutes to complete, and your answers will be anonymous.

It is hoped that the data gathered through this survey will be of use to publishers seeking to improve their ebook sales, as well as others involved in the ebook market, including independent authors, ebook production freelancers, and technology companies.

This survey is primarily targeted to employees of small and medium-sized publishing companies, but I would also be grateful for information and feedback from people in other roles. This research was originally conducted as part of an MA in Publishing Studies at City University London, and is consistent with the university's ethical research requirements. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to tweet at me (@Simon_Collinson) or email me (
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