Survey on Additive Manufacturing Technologies. AMFaD Project
The present questionnaire is a tool for gathering information about the implementation, use and future prospects of Additive Manufacturing in the field of Security and Defence, these being its fundamental characteristics:

- Open to any organization with presence / interests in additive manufacturing technologies and their current and possible applications in the field of Security and Defence.

- Its main objective is to identify, depending on the different casuistic, such as the type of organization, availability of resources and / or experience in additive manufacturing, experience or not in the field of Defence, etc., the main uses and limitations of the current technologies (organizations with experience in Security and Defence and with the technologies of additive manufacturing), the main barriers of entry and limitations for their implementation (organizations without experience in the additive manufacture, or that have not yet worked in Security and Defence applications), and the future prospects that different organizations perceive for these technologies.

Your contributions are of great relevance and an important input for the AMFaD project. We thank you in advance for your time and efforts in completing this questionnaire.

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