2018 Yearbook Availability Survey
Please answer the questions below regarding your availability to attend events as a photographer for Yearbook. Each staff member will be responsible for taking photos at at least TWO EVENTS for the coming semester.
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Yearbook Class
Check which days you would be available for photographing events after school.
I would be available for event work.
I would NOT be available for event work.
Monday After School
Tuesday After School
Wednesday After School
Thursday After School
Fridays After School
If you marked that you would NOT be available for photography work after school, what are you participating in that makes you unavailable?
Your answer
If you marked that you are NEVER available after school, you will be required to attend club meetings and events at lunchtime. Is this OK?
Which of the following types of events would you prefer to attend and photograph?
Would you be willing to attend AWAY games and meets, even if it meant missing classes at the end of the school day?
Only students that are NOT on the eligibility list are able to go to away games and meets. Are you ever on the Eligibility List?
When being given Weekly photography assignments, would you prefer SPECIFIC assignments, such as "Take photographs of an activity in your History class?" or GENERAL assignments, such as "Take two good photographs of student activities this week?"
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