Week 30 Laws of the Game quiz 2018-2019 questions by Dutch Referee Blog
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1. During kicks from the penalty mark a penalty kick is taken. There's an offence by both the goalkeeper and the kicker. The kicker scores the goal. What does the referee decide?
1 point
2. An attacker player enters the penalty area before the ball is in play from a goal kick. A defender sees the attacker going towards the ball and kicks him to the ground using excessive force. What does the referee decide?
1 point
3. The ball is in play and team B is attacking. At the same time one of the ball boys has entered the field of play to pick up an extra ball, that doesn’t interfere with play. A defender from team A thinks the referee has to stop play while the extra ball is in play and wants to prevent the ball boy from picking up the ball. He punches him in the face with his fist. What does the referee decide?
1 point
4. An opponent is in the penalty area when the goal kick is taken. The ball goes out of the penalty area and then the player touches the ball before it has touched another player. He shoots at goal and scores. What does the referee decide?
1 point
5. During a penalty series the ball touches the crossbar and then the ground inside the field of play. The ball spins backwards towards the goal and crosses the goal-line. What does the referee decide?
1 point
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