BIOTALENT Workshop Evaluation
A few questions to evaluate your expectations and what you plan to do with what you have experienced here today.
What is your field of work?
What is your position?
What is your professional interest (multiple answers possible)?
Which goals did you hope to achieve by participating today (multiple answers possible)?
What are your plans of using what you have seen and learned here today (multiple answers possible)?
What problems do you foresee trying to use this or other blended courses in a formal or informal teaching environment (multiple answers possible)?
What skills do you think education professionals usually lack to make the most of a blended e-learning course like this one (multiple answers possible)?
Course evaluation
Please indicate if you agree or disagree with the following statements and how you would rate the course and its content
The themes of the module and their content were structured in a clear and logical way.
How would you rate the quality of the reading material used in this module?
The module met its learning objectives.
The consolidation activities in "STEP 4: Create" were easy for me to understand and to implement.
The e-learning platform was easy to use and to work with.
Do you intend to implement any follow-up activities?
The module in general met my expectations.
Would you like to continue having access to learning/training courses with the same approach as today?
Which would be the 3 topics for future classes you would be most interested in?
Your answer
Do you have any other remarks regarding the workshop you attended today?
Your answer
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