Youth Sports Request Form
IMPORTANT: A buddy request form must be completed and submitted by BOTH requesting parties (buddies must request each other).

Please note that requests are NOT GUARANTEED. While we do our best to accommodate everyone, at times it is not possible.

In order to be a valid buddy request, please read the information below:
•All requests must be turned in by the league registration deadline. We will NOT be taking any buddy requests on-site.
•You may only submit ONE buddy request for your child. Requesting more than one will automatically void your request.
•Requested “buddy” must be in the same grade.
•Please keep in mind these are requests only and we can never guarantee the request will be honored.

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Sport for the buddy request: *
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What is the full name of your ONE requested buddy? Please note that requesting more than one buddy, will automatically void your request.
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Do you have any additional requests (practices, etc)? Please note that we cannot accept coach requests.
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