Roundtown Parent Volunteer Opportunities 2018-2019
Please take the time to fill out this form and volunteer for committees you are interested in volunteering for. If you are interested in a committee but aren't sure about being able to commit, please check YES. Each individual who wants to volunteer, must fill out a form. Then when the time comes, you receive emails regarding that committee you then can let the committee chair know if you are available or not. Thank you for taking the time to volunteer. Roundtown wouldn't be the amazing place it is without your help. Please remember you must have your clearances for all in school volunteering.

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If you have multiple children at Roundtown please use your oldest childs name.
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There are two parties every year. Fall Festival is October 19th and Friendship Day is February 8th.
Would you like to be homeroom parent for the above child's classroom? *
Homeroom Parents plan and organize the party with the help of the classroom volunteers. You must be available to be at both classroom parties during the year.
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Please use the child's teacher from above.
Would you like to be a classroom volunteer for the above child? (only applies if you have multiple children at Roundtown)
Would you like to be a homeroom parent for the above child? (only applies if you have multiple children at Roundtown)
Book Fair *
This committee’s purpose is to encourage reading at home as well as at school by offering books to children, parents and teachers at an affordable price. No profit is made on the sale of books. Volunteers are needed to help set up and break down the fairs. You may also help students select and buy books. (Fall and Spring)
Book Exchange *
This committee provides the students with the opportunity to exchange used books for a gently used “new” book. This committee has several exchanges throughout the year
Boxtops *
Information sheets are distributed to students/parents. Box Tops are collected and mailed to the manufacturers. These earn money for PTO sponsored activities as well as educational equipment.
Bus Tags 2019 *
This committee needs two volunteers a day for about an hour during the school day to unscramble and sort bus tags. This group is needed for the first two weeks of school, schedules will be coordinated towards the end of the summer 2019. You will be signing up to help at the beginning of the next school year 2019-2020. (First two weeks of school)
Field Day *
This committee will organize a day of games, activities and fun. Closer to the spring further information will be sent home. This is a lot of fun for our students and a great way to bring our school year to a close. This year Field Day will be held on May 24th.
Fundraiser *
This committee organizes one fund-raiser. Profit is used to support PTO sponsored field trips, student programs, yearbook for each student, etc. Volunteers are needed for a two or three day commitment for the organization and distribution of the orders
FUNd Run *
This committee, as a part of the fundraising committee, organizes the FUNd Run. During the FUNd Run, the students will walk, jog or run a mile-long course. Along the way, they will stop at multiple different stations including a water break. Profit raised will go toward field trips, book fairs, memory books, fall festival, field day, and other fun activities for the students.
Hershey Park Volunteer *
You volunteer your time at Hershey at the park or in the stadiums. You will work a shift and the money you would make gets donated back to Roundtown and you receive a ticket to use at the park at your convenience.
Outdoor Classroom *
This committee is responsible for coordinating outdoor activities that help students connect with nature and take pride in caring for their school. Committee members help students plant bulbs and rake leaves in the fall. The committee also coordinates a nature-themed program for all grade levels in the spring.
Scholarship *
This committee is chaired by a board member with the help of volunteers in the selection and awarding of the Roundtown PTO scholarship fund. This committee evaluates scholarship applications in the spring
Secret Santa *
This committee organizes and plans a fun secret holiday shopping experience for your student. This committee will take place in the month of November. We will have three days of shopping that we need help.
Service Project *
Members of the Service Project Committee complete 2 projects which include “The Giving Tree” which benefits approximately 500 York area children during the holidays and the Patriotic Writing Campaign, where over 500 troops receive a letter from a Roundtown Student. Volunteers are needed for this committee during the school day or can assist from the home in some cases.
Skating Party *
This committee organizes a skating party to encourage family activity. They arrange dates, send flyers to students and collect tickets at the door. There is a fall party for 2nd & 3rd graders and a spring party for Kindergarten & 1st graders. No profit is made on these events.
Spirit Social *
This committee provides an Ice Cream Social in conjunction with the Art Gallery. Volunteers are needed to help scoop ice cream in advance and serve during the social.
Staff Appreciation *
This committee plans several fun meals and or treats for the Roundtown Teachers and Staff. They need help with setup and food preparation. This committee tries to have several events every school year
Sunshine *
Helps alleviate a student’s burdens at home during a time in which the family is in need or crisis. Volunteers are needed to possibly provide greeting cards, meals, arrange play dates, transportation or whatever may be appropriate for the individuals in need.
3rd Grade Talent Show *
This committee is responsible for holding a talent show open to the third grade students. One assistant will be needed during rehearsals. Three assistants will be needed during the show as stage hands. Assistance from parents whose children will not be in the show is ideal.
Yearbook *
The PTO provides a yearbook to each student and teacher at no cost. The committee takes digital photographs of all organized school events throughout the year and then handles the digital layout of the book.
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If you have any additional children please provide us with that child's name and teacher.
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