USD 208 Student Registration/ Permit To Treat Information                                                    
The following form will serve as an electronic registration for your student and or students. If you are NEW to USD 208, you will also need come to the school to fill out enrollment forms and records request forms or contact the school to have them mailed to you.
Registration must be filled out completely by a parent or guardian for each student.

If you have any questions, please call:
Trego Grade School 785-743-2472
Trego High School 785-743-2061
USD 208 District Office 785-743-2145

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School Year 2023-2024
Student's Last Name *
Student's First Name *
Student's Grade in School *
New Student or Returning Student *
Student's Birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy) *
Student's Health Insurance Name and Policy # Incomplete information will not be accepted *
Current or Past Health Department (list all that apply) *
Current Hospital Name *
Student Doctor's Name *
USD 208 staff can release and share the following with the students School District, Health Department, Hospital and Doctor listed above: immunization information and COVID 19 related health information. The Kansas Immunization Registry may also be used for purposes of assessment and reporting to prevent disease.
I authorize the consent to release of the above mentioned healthcare information to the Health Department, Hospital and Doctor named above, along with any USD 208 staff as needed. *
I affirm that I am authorized to consent to the release of medical information on behalf of this above named student. *
Drug Allergies-please list
Food Allergies - please list
PLEASE NOTE: Students will only receive meal modifications if a Meal Modification form has been signed by a medical professional and it has been filed with the USD 208 District Office.
Does your student currently have or need a Meal Modification Form on file?  
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Any Medical Complications and health history-please be specific
Will your child need to take medication at school? (If yes, please contact the school nurse) *
Parent/Guardian Name (Last Name, First Name) *
Parent/Guardian email address *
Student's Primary Address (street, city, zip) *
Is this a new address? *
Parent/Guardian Main Contact Number (555) 555-5555 *
Is this a new phone number? *
Non Custodial/Shared Parent/Guardian Information
Please fill out this section if there is another address and phone number for a non custodial or addtional address parent (shared custody) Please SKIP this if it does not apply
Non Custodial/Shared Parent/Guardian Name (Last Name, First Name)
Non Custodial/Shared Parent/Guardian  Address (street, city, zip)
Non Custodial/Shared Parent/Guardian Contact Number (555) 555-5555
Non Custodial/Shared Parent/Guardian  email address
USD 208 will not issue hard copies of grade cards. We feel that the information on PowerSchool is up to date and readily available. For parents without Internet access please check "NO" below. Please contact your child's school for a hard copy of grades.
Do you have access to the internet? *
Inclement Weather/Emergency Bus Drop off (only USD 208 bus students, please)
When USD 208 buses (not the general transportation bus) are unable to deliver students home due to dangerous road conditions, students will be delivered to a location of your choice in WaKeeney.  Please provide the following information: Name, address and phone number for your emergency in town drop off location. ONLY USD 208 bus students need to answer this question.
Permission to participate and treat
I give permission for my children to participate in field trips and other activities authorized by USD 208.  Further, I give my legal consent and authorize any representative of USD 208 to authorize emergency medical treatment, including any necessary surgery or hospitalization, for my child(ren) listed above for any injury or illness of an emergency nature he/she incurred while participating in the field trip or other activity by any physician or dentist in accordance with the provisions of the Kansas Healing Arts Act, K. S. A. 650-2801, and any hospital. *
Liability of Medical Expenses Waiver
I agree to pay and assume all responsibility for medical and hospital expenses and any other emergency services incurred on behalf of my child(ren).  I acknowledge and agree that USD 208 is not responsible for any medical, hospital expenses and/or other charges that are incurred in the medical treatment or hospitalization of my child. A digital form of this document shall have the same force and effect as an original.  If my child(ren) require (s) emergency medical treatment, I understand that school personnel will make a reasonable attempt to contact me to seek my permission to authorize that treatment.  If they are unable to contact me, I give my permission to consult with another physician if the physical condition of my child(ren) would be considered appropriate to indicate a medical alert. *
Web & Social Media Permission
I give permission for USD 208 to post on the district web site, the district Facebook page, and the district Twitter account, information about my child(ren) including student articles, photos, stories, and information on student life submitted by teachers, coaches, newspaper and yearbook staff.  Students will be identified by first and last name at both TGS and TCHS  (USD 208 and/or Newspaper Staff may periodically submit articles and pictures to the Western Kansas World, pictures and/or names may appear in the newspaper without parent consent.) *
Email, Chromebook, Internet Regulations
I acknowledge the availability of the Computer use Policy,  it is available in digital form on the USD 208 website, in the Student/Parent handbook.  I understand that access is designed for educational purposes. I also recognize that employees of the school or school system may not be able to restrict access to all controversial materials.  I will not hold them responsible for materials my son or daughter acquires as a result of the use of the Internet from school facilities.  I accept full responsibility for supervision if and when my student’s use of information systems is outside the school setting.  I herby give my permission to USD 208 to permit my child to access and use the available information retrieval technologies. *
Technology Device Agreement
I acknowledge the availability of the Chromebook/Technoogy device loan agreement, it is available in digital form on the USD 208 website, My student and I have read and agree to abide by all USD 208 policies and regulations for the use of equipment including the Acceptable UsePolicy Agreement and the Student Chromebook/E-mail/Internet Regulations. I accept responsibility for damage to or loss of the equipment listed below while in my possession. I understand that if the Chromebook or any accessory is lost, damaged, or stolen, I am responsible for the replacement cost or insurance deductible, whichever is less. I will report any damage to hardware or software immediately to designated school personnel and will return equipment promptly when requested by school personnel. *
Handbook Availability Acknowledgement
I acknowledge the USD 208 Student/Parent Handbook is available in digital form on the USD 208 website, I also acknowledge that I am responsible for reading and understanding the contents, including the following notifications: Nondiscrimination, Family Educational Right to Privacy Act, Directory Information, Drug Free Schools and Communities Policy, Immunizations USD 208, Availability of Asbestos Plan. As a condition of enrollment, my child(ren) are required to abide by all regulations contained in this handbook as well as other policies established by the board of education. If they choose not to abide by the regulations contained in this handbook, any other policy established by the board of education, or any reasonable request by school authorities, disciplinary action may be imposed, up to and including expulsion from school. A hard copy of this handbook may be requested at any time. *
Title I Parent Compact (TGS/TJH only)
Regulations of the federal Elementary and Secondary Act (ESEA) require that schools receiving Title I, Part A funding develop a compact that encourages a school-parent partnership to improve student academic achievement. I acknowledge the USD 208 Title One Parent Compact and Parents Rights document is available in digital form on the USD 208 website, I also acknowledge that I am responsible for reading and understanding the content. By checking yes, I also agree to discuss the Student's Responsibilities as it relates to his/her education at Trego Grade School, USD 208. A hard copy of this  may be requested at any time.
ESI District Policy Availabilty
Kansas regulations now require that districts provide all parents with notice of our written policies regarding Emergency Safety Interventions (“ESI”). Our district policy is available on our website at and in our Board Policy Book identified on Policy on GAAF.  I acknowledge that I am responsible for reading and understanding the content. *
Annual Notice of Authorized Student Data Disclosures
In accordance with the Student Data Privacy Act and board policy IDEA, student data submitted to or maintained in a statewide longitudinal data system may only be disclosed as follows. Such data may be disclosed to: The authorized personnel of an educational agency or the state board of regents who require disclosures to perform assigned duties; and the student and the parent or legal guardian of the student, provided the data pertains solely to the student. I acknowledge that an explanation of this act and policy in it's entirety is available on the school's website, *
Trego Community Schools At-Risk Eligibility Criteria
Our district receives state funds based on demographic information. From the criteria listed below please check those that apply to your child. If none apply, please move on to the next question.
Please select all that apply
Kansas Communities That Care Survey
Our school will be administering the Kansas Communities That Care Student Survey. This survey is taken by 6th, 8th, 10th and 12th grade students statewide.It is a valuable tool to help us understand how students behave, think and feel about alcohol, marijuana and other drug use, bullying and school safety. The information gathered is important for planning effective prevention programs in our school and community and provides data to assist in applying for grant funding. The survey is entirely annonymous. 
Permission for student to participate in KCTC Survey (click here to view the survey)
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Project EVERS Student Survey - Grades 3-5, Grades 6-12
The Student Engagement Instrument - Elementary (SEI-E™) (for students in grades 3-5) is a brief 31-item, the Student Engagement Instrument (SEI™) (for students in grades 6-12) is a brief 35-item anonymous  survey that measures student engagement in school. This survey is an important component of the evaluation of Project EVERS operated by the Northwest Kansas Educational Service Center (NKESC). The SEI-E is used with permission by the University of Minnesota.
Permission for student to participate in Project Evers Survey. A Copy of the survey can be located on the TCHS Counselor's Website at the following Link: 

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mySAEBRS Screener - Grades 2-12
The Social, Academic, and Emotional Behavior Risk Screener (mySAEBRS) is a 20 item rating scale that students complete about their social, academic, and emotional behaviors. It is grounded in a conceptual model which states that school success is predicated not just upon academic achievement, but also success within multiple inter-related behavioral domains. The mySAEBRS assessment is designed to evaluate student functioning in terms of overall general behavior (Total Behavior; 20 items), as well as Social Behavior (7 items), Academic Behavior (6 items), and Emotional Behavior (7 items).

The mySAEBRS is completed by students in grades 2 through 12. It is a 20-item rating scale that includes questions about a student's social, academic and emotional behaviors. The student completes the scale online by accessing the FastBridge system using either a computer or tablet device. It takes a student approximately 10 minutes to complete mySAEBRS.

Permission for student to participate in mySAEBRS Student Screener. A Copy of the screener can be located on the TCHS Counselor's Website at the following Link: 

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6th -8th Grade Band Option
 Do You wish to enroll in band ? (grades 6-8 only)
7th-8th Vocal Music Option
Do you wish to enroll in Vocal Music? (grades 7-8 only)
TCHS Transportation Release 9TH-12TH GRADE ONLY
This section is ONLY for TCHS students, please move on to the Electronic Signature if your student attends TGS/TJH.
TCHS students have the opportunity to participate in various activities during the school year that take them off the school grounds during the school day, but where transportation is not directly provided by USD 208. Examples of this would be: student work study, attending classes at our student business, sales of yearbook ads, participating in PALS, peer reading at TGS, and traveling to businesses in town for supplies for school projects, etc. In order for your student to participate in these types of activities, we need the following transportation release on file along with a copy of their driver’s license if they are 17.
I hereby give permission for my son/daughter to drive to and from school related events as described above off school property during the school day, when  approved by administration, in their personal vehicle.
I hereby give permission for my son/daughter WHO IS 17 OR OLDER to transport students to and from school related events as described above off school property during the school day, when approved by administration, in their personal vehicle. Students MUST be 17 and have a Driver's Liscense on file to provide rides.
I hereby give permission for my son/daughter to ride with a 17 year or older licensed student driver to and from school related events as described above off school property during the school day, when approved by administration, in their personal vehicle.
Electronic Signature 2023-2024
I understand that the submission of this form serves as my "electronic" signature and replaces a handwritten signature in all questions answered above: *
Please add your First/Last name below along with last 4 SS #digits
This indicates that you are the legal guardian of the above mentioned student and are the person filling out this form.
Parent/Guardian Name *
Last 4 digits of your Social Security # *
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