Parent Survey Planning for 2020-2021 School Year:
In planning ahead, there will be a time when parents will need to come to the school to pick up needed supplies and materials to help students be successful with their learning when they are away from school. During these times, Country Club Hills School District 160 will practice guidelines that have been established by the State of Illinois and the local Health Department (i.e. social distancing, wearing a face, washing hands, etc.).
In the near future, Country Club Hills School District will share contingency plans to inform you of safety precautions that will be in place to make certain that all students are safe.
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Please list all of the School District 160 children in your home for the 2020 / 2021 school year: First and Last Name, Grade, and School *
Considering the obstacles involved in reopening schools (guidelines for health and safety of students and staff, transportation, and social distancing, etc.), if given a choice, what form of learning would you prefer for your child for this upcoming school year? *
In order to accommodate social distancing, one model being considered by schools is a "hybrid" model. This model would have students attend school on campus for a reduced amount of time and work remotely other times. Would this type of schedule work for what you would consider quality services?
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What type of internet service do you have in your home? *
Will there be anyone in the home who can assist with technology and learning activities during school hours?
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How do you transport your child to school?
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Is your child able to tolerate wearing a mask?
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Is your child able to tolerate wearing a face shield?
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Assuming that schools are given permission to re-open under limited circumstances (social distancing, mask-wearing, other safety precautions, etc.), how would you rate your comfort level about your child returning to school in the fall. On a scale of 1 - 3, with 1 being the least comfortable, 2 being semi comfortable and 3 being comfortable.
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Was your student able to participate in remote learning at the end of last the school year?
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How often was your child's teacher(s) in contact with you to check on your child's progress or support needs?
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What would you, as a parent, need to support student remote learning?
What would your family need to support remote learning?
Provide any additional information you would like Country Club Hills School District 160 to know.
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