Australian Educational Technologies Trends: Determination: Educational Technologies: Part 3
Thank you again for joining the Australian Education Technologies Trends project and completing the first survey.

This second stage develops an anonymous consensus on the relative importance of each technology, trend, and challenge. This is the largest section of the project, and has been divided into 8 surveys of 15-30 items each to help you manage your contributions.

Each survey should take about 20-30 minutes to complete with all eight needing to be completed by the 27th of April, 2018 so that they can be compiled and results made available to support our discussion in Stage 3 beginning on the 11th of May.

From Stage 1, you were collectively very positive towards almost all of the initial options presented, even without explanation and definitions. The only item to be considered for removed was in the Technologies section, CS Printed Texts/Books, as printed texts for teaching concepts in the Digital Technologies or Senior Computer Science curriculum. This was balanced positively and negatively. Definitely Exclude (10), Probably Exclude (28), No Option (38), Probably Include (28), Definitely Include (10). It will be retained at this stage as it provides a comparison to the use of CS Digital Texts/Books and other instructional media such as infographics, video, etc.

You also provided a number of suggestions for new items.

There was a very strong suggestion (17) for including Virtual Reality (and to a lesser extent Augmented and Mixed Reality) within the Technologies section focused on Digital Technologies and Computer Science (CS) education. This is included as an item in the Educational Technologies section as relevant to all learning areas, and I am making a big assumption that responses were included here because you had not got to that section of the survey. While VR can be used in many areas, including CS education, I am struggling to see it as a major focus of CS education, it certainly is not mentioned in the curriculum. 360 Degree Video, Augmented Reality, and Virtual Reality are all items in the Educational Technologies section, and when we get to our discussions in Stage 3, please let me know if I have erred in not including a specific focus on VR in Technologies CS education.

There was also a case made by several (7) for AI to be included in the Technologies section and I have included an item Artificial Intelligence (Programming).

A couple (2) of responses were made to include computer controlled / digital manufacturing processes, and this has been added as Computer-Aided Technologies (use) in Educational Technologies to address Computer Aided Drawing (CAD); Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM); and Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC).

Other items included at your suggestions have been:

360 degree video and 3D video separated in the Educational Technologies section as they represent two quite different technologies and may follow different trend trajectories.
Version Control (Online) services added to the Technologies section.
Digital Divide (Students/Schools) added to the Challenges section.
Funding (Schools) added to the Trends section.
Digital-Disconnect (Home vs School) added to the Challenges section.
Professional Learning (Development) added to the Challenges section.
Copyright (Fair Dealing) added to the Challenges section.
Out of Field (Teachers) added to the Challenges section.

I have tried to address all of the terminology suggestions in the descriptions and image provided for each item. Such descriptions are not comprehensive, in many cases combine elements to reduce overall numbers, and due to their brevity they are open to criticism, happy to consider any revisions and recommendations, but these are provided as a guide to completing the survey. We will have an opportunity in the online discussions of stage 3 to discuss definitions and meanings.

You will have been sent 8 emails inviting you to the eight different surveys: Technologies Part 1, Technologies Part 2, Educational Technologies Part 1, Educational Technologies Part 2, Educational Technologies Part 3, Educational Technologies Part 4, Trends, and Challenges.

If you misplace an email, you can access them via the project website or contact me.

I apologise in advance for the repetition and stretch some options are in relation to some topics, the intent is to maintain a level of uniformity in responses to make analysis easier, and some items will seem out of place in relation to the available responses. In particular, when asked about curriculum items or technologies you are unfamiliar with, please answer as best you can, no judgement or identification with individuals is made. Likewise when asked about costs etc. please give your impression of costs involved with technologies, these do not need to be exact. Your responses are valuable as they provide a collective view on the technologies, trends, and challenges influencing Australian education.

Thank you in advance for completing the surveys by the 27th of April and I look forward to discussing the results in Stage 3.

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