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填妥問卷後,我們會進行初步遴選,並於 5 個工作天內透過電郵或Whatsapp 通知入選之候選宿生及預約參觀時間。落選申請人將不會另行通知。


Thank you for applying for residency at Bibliotheque!

Bibliotheque reserves the final rights of admission and adjustment of the arrangements.

We will conduct a preliminary selection after receiving the questionnaire. Selected candidates will be informed and make appointments for the visit through email or Whatsapp within 5 working days. Applicants should assume their applications unsuccessful if they do not hear from us within 5 working days.
你好!你的名字是什麼? Hello! What is your name? *
性別 Gender *
All our shared flats are single-gender
年齡 Age *
聯絡電話 Phone *
我們會經WhatsApp聯繫你。 We might contact you through Whatsapp
電郵地址 Email *
請問你來自什麼地方? What are your nationality? *
請問你希望入住什麼什麼房型? What bedtype are you interested in? *
你的預期入宿日期是? What is your expected check-in date? *
你預期的租期是? How long do you plan to stay? *
溫馨提醒,床位價格為一年合約之價錢,如需短租可於參觀時查詢職員 Our price are based on yearly plan
請問你的職業是? What are your occupation? *
請問你的月收入範疇是?Monthly Salary Range *
在你休息的時候,你對躁音的接受程度如何? How is your acceptance towards noise? *
極度不能接受 Definitely cannot accept
能夠接受 Can accept
你對睡房的私密程度要求如何? What is your expectation towards room privacy? *
要求絕對的私密 Need high privacy
接受半開揚睡房 Not much concern
若果你和共居室友在共居生活細節上有意見分歧,你會傾向如何處理? How will you handle when you had dispute with your flatmates? *
你願意打掃單位內的共用空間嗎? Are you willing to clean the common area? *
極不願意 Certainly Not
十分願意 Very Willing to
假如你一個人去旅行,你會傾向住在哪裡? Where do you prefer when you go traveling alone? *
假如你有一天假期全天留在書匯渡過,你會做什麼? How would you spend your day in Bibliotheque if you have a holiday? *
如果你要分享一個遊戲 / 書 / 有趣的事 / 技能給書匯的朋友,你會分享什麼? If you are going to share a book / skill / game / interesting thing to your friend in Bibliotheque, what would that be? *
你為什麼想入住共居? Why would you like to living in a co-living space? *
你認為共居生活最大的挑戰是什麼? What do you think will be the biggest challenge to live in a co-living space? *
能否簡短地自我介紹?為何有興趣入住「書匯」 Can you introduce yourself and why you would like to live in Bibliotheque? *
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