Art Month: Artist Registration
Celebrate Art Month this October by showing your work in the Beaver County Art Crawl. Display your work at participating businesses and organizations, be featured on our social media, and connect with potential customers at an art exhibit on November 3 at Beaver Station. Please complete this interest form and a Genesis Collective representative will be in touch to follow up!
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A Genesis Collective representative will reach out to confirm details and match you with a participating business or organization.
Title, Size, and Price of Artwork to be displayed during the Art Crawl
Please share details about the piece you'll be displaying at a local business or organization, including whether or not it's for sale, the title, size, and how a potential buyer should contact you to arrange for a sale.
Expectations of Participating Artists & Creatives
To participate in the Art Month Art Crawl, artists must be willing to: 1) Communicate with your business or organization match to coordinate the drop off (September 25-29) and pick up (October 30-November 3) of your artwork for display and 2) Sign an event agreement releasing the Genesis Collective and your business or organization match of liability if your artwork is lost, stolen, or damaged.

To participate in the Art Exhibit, artists must be willing to drop off your artwork to the event location by November 3 and take it home at the conclusion of the event November 3. Any artwork not picked up from either the Art Crawl or the Art Exhibit will become a donation to the Genesis Collective and may be sold or auctioned off to support event costs.

A Genesis Collective representative will connect you by email with your business or organization match, and you'll coordinate directly with them after that point. We will also email you the event agreement for you to sign and return, and will be available throughout the festival to help.

The Genesis Collective does not broker sales in any way and does not take commission on sales. We will not collect money on artists' behalf, nor do we deliver art work to buyers. Our role in this festival is to make art and artists more visible throughout Beaver County, increase opportunities for potential buyers to connect directly with artists, and celebrate the heart and talent of creatives in our region.
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