SAS+ Needs Assessment Questionnaire
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As the Stopping As Success (SAS+) consortium steps into the accompaniment phase, we are identifying and selecting program partners (including international organizations/networks, local organizations/networks and USAID Missions) to accompany through transition processes.

The goal of the accompaniment process is for SAS+ to be able to support organization’s in operationalizing lessons learned on locally led development in responsible and sustainable transition processes. The accompaniment process will look different for each organization as SAS+ tailors its support to the organization’s specific needs; these needs will be co-developed with each program partner. As illustrative, SAS+ can facilitate a workshop on a suite of SAS tools to apply to a transition process or support an organization’s transition plan and walk with them at every step of the process. It all depends on the organization’s needs. However, the consortium has nearly four years of research and experience on responsible transitions and is able to support a wide range of organizations in transition across a range of contexts and types of transition processes.

While the SAS+ consortium is funded to provide Accompaniment support, we are unable to provide funding to organizations going through a transition.  

This questionnaire will help the SAS+ get a better understanding of your organization and potential transition needs to understand potential fit and opportunities for collaboration with SAS+. This questionnaire includes questions on organizational criteria, including virtual adaptations, as well as transition-specific needs. It is designed to take 10-15 minutes to complete. The information from this questionnaire will not be shared with anyone outside of the SAS+ consortium.

Once you complete this questionnaire, a SAS+ consortium member will contact you within two weeks with any follow-up questions or with more information on the next steps.

For more information on SAS+, please visit the SAS+ website:

If you have any questions, please contact Grace Boone, SAS+ Manager at CDA, at
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