GH(L)EE ~ An Extrava-GHEE-anza
A deliciously special opportunity to celebrate & honor slow foods - and deep nourishment.

The Concept :: We bulk order fresh, local cream from pasture-raised cows, and culture it the night before you arrive. Then, together, we churn it into cultured butter, and simmer that to become ghee. Along the way, we enjoy a meandering & delectable menu of treats made from & throughout the process. The cap on the evening is a shared meal of biryani -- a transcendent, layered aromatic rice dish of the Subcontinent, and ghee ladoo -- a sweet made with caramelized milk -- and a take-Home 16oz jar of local, pastured ghee!

Sliding scale :: $33 - 144

*note* -- The date(s) on this event has(ve) not been set. In part, this is because we don’t yet know when the kitchen will be finished. We pledge to all those who pre-register that we will host this event as many times as needed to honor your support through your inclusion. Thank you for both your support & your enthusiasm. <3 .
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