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Before we start to take a look at the information for the 2019 Summer Schedule, we wanted to wish each and every one of you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2019 marks the 16th Summer we will travel select teams, the longest of any club in the Region. Dallas Select enters its 12th summer, while Texas United enters its 8th summer. We are excited to continue to establish a quality precedent for Texas Lacrosse!
Our Process for Filling Teams
Our process for filling teams is quite different as we have a program comprised of players from multiple states and over forty high school programs. Our goals are:

1) to put the best product on the field;
2) to provide as many opportunities to as many players as possible; and
3) to integrate new players.

Not an easy process on this side, but it has worked worked for 14 years.

STEP 1: Please, complete this Survey where we send out many pertinent details. From the completed surveys, we compile a lot of important information. How many tournaments do you intend to play? Which trips work best? What training opportunities can you attend? Do you want to buy the gloves?

STEP 2: We collect the data over a period of time. It takes some longer than others to get this back in, so, please, allow some time for this process to occur. While you are not guaranteed your spots just because you fill out a survey, that is whrere we fill a substantial amount of our spots.

STEP 3: COMMITTED TO COMPETES go out. By mid-February to the beginning of March, we get a better handle on exactly how many teams we will have at each tournament based on demand. At that point, we will start to send out Committed to Competes, if not sooner. Obviously, a substantial amount of communication is ongoing. Our goal is to complete it as quickly as possible. However, it is a process that necessitates some flexibility on both sides of the equation. Again, our goal is send out COMMITTED TO COMPETES by early March.

STEP 4: COMMITTED TO COMPETES are acknowledged. Once you reply, "I'm in," you have entered into an agreement that you WILL BE PLAYING. THIS IS WHEN YOU WILL NEED TO SUBMIT DEPOSITS in order to hold your spot on a team. We put a considerable amount of effort in putting our teams together and intensely dislike last minute cancellations as they have become harder and harder to fill. Please, follow through on commitments! At the same time, if you are on a Wait List and you are flexible to a certain extent, chances are you will find your way on to a squad.

Now, please, fill out the following survey!

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