Twink Studies Screening Questions
This is a brief questionnaire for Marilyn Roxie's forthcoming 'Twink Studies' book. Follow-up questions will be sent via e-mail to the address provided when you complete this survey. All survey participants will receive a PDF copy of the completed book to be released fall 2018. Your e-mail address will be kept confidential.

By completing this survey and follow-up questions, you grant the author (Roxie) the right to quote or paraphrase all or any portion of the survey responses, and to generally use and publish the responses and acknowledge and agree that you not entitled to receive any other form of payment from the author (Roxie).

About the book:

Twink Studies (early/late 2018) will be the first book ever to discuss twink identity and subculture in-depth. Few journals or mainstream publications have ever delved into twinkhood. Standing in a liminal place between masculinity and femininity and carrying a bit of baggage from each side, twinks are simultaneously described as “thin, smooth, and buff”, “slim or waiflike”, “effeminate”, and “presumably shallow and air-headed”. What’s a boy to do?

Topics of exploration will include origins of the term, relationship of twinks with popular culture and the gay mainstream, interviews, opposition and attraction to bears and other subsets of the gay community, gender embodiment, performance, and anxieties, pornography, cultural crossovers and relationship with race, youth and ageism, and twinks in online dating.

Marilyn Roxie lives and works in San Francisco. They have an AA in LGBT Studies from City College of San Francisco and a BA in Studio Art (major) and Human Sexuality Studies (minor) from San Francisco State University. For 6 years, Roxie has run a site for non-binary gender advocacy called Genderqueer and Non-Binary Identities with over 13,000 followers and counting. Roxie has worked at sex-health focused adult store Good Vibrations, non-profit library and event space the Center for Sex and Culture, and the documentary project [SSEX BBOX].

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