Intermediate Series Level 3 in Escondido
Maritza's Intermediate Level 3 will keep going for another month.
Friday nights from 8:00pm-9:30pm at Grape Day Park
This series will start Friday nights Sept 13, 20, 27 & Oct 4
Prerequisites: You must know Dedo (dedo guarapo y bota & deo por debajo), Montana, setenta complicado, paseala, rodeo, enrosca, coca-cola, aguarachar, el corto con la bola, saloneo.
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What role do you plan to take in this series?
How did you hear about Maritza's class series
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Best way to reach you for class updates or reminders
How well do you know the following basic moves?
1 Don't know this move at all
2 Kind of know it, been a while, have not practiced it
3 I know it but not that great at it, not good at timing or footwork
4 It's muscle memory, have timing & movement down, easily execute it when called
Dile que no
Pa'bajo a.k.a. pa-dentro-pa'fuera
El Uno
El Dos
Kentucky (Kentoqui)
Setenta Complicada
If you do not know these moves, it is best to consult Maritza before entering the class.
All of Maritza's classes operate on the cohort format where there are no drop-ins. If you do not know these above moves, it is highly recommended to take Maritza's Beginner1-2-3/intermediate level 1, 2 as Maritza will introduce a number of add on moves that are considered intermediate in level 1 and 2.
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