Dundonald Highland Games 2019. Stall/Trade Application Saturday 3rd August 2019.
Closing Date for Applications Friday 31st May 2019.
Basic charge is £60 (min) for each 10ft stall/field pitch occupied; other stances will be pro-rata – registered charities (charity number required) and Dundonald Community organisations are eligible for 25% discount (£45 per 10ft area)
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For Field space applications only (not required for Market Stalls)- Please provide ACCURATE measurements to clarify your requirements. Measurements MUST include TOTAL dimensions including drawbars/openings etc
You will be allocated space according to the dimensions submitted, If the unit exceeds that stated area you will be asked to leave the field and no refund given. (The showground has very limited space and this will be strictly applied)
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Dundonald Games Society contact details.
Greg Fisher,
Stalls Convenor,
Dundonald Highland Games Society,
c/o Totally Pampered,
27 Main Street,
Mobile: 07968 858515
Email: stalls@dundonald-games.org.uk
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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