VTEX IO Closed Beta
Application form to manifest interest in having a project gone through VTEX IO Closed Beta program.

PLEASE, FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES DESCRIBED ON https://vtex.io/docs/recipes/development/filling-the-application-form-for-development/
Email address *
What is the name of the app you want to create? *
Make sure the name is all lower case and that it doesn't have any special characters, as it is on manifest.json (e.g: my-cool-app)
What is your VTEX account name? *
Make sure this is spelled correctly and is the account that you want this app to be published (e.g. appliancestore)
What are the builders that your app needs? *
If the app fits more than one use case, please select all of them. (The node builder should always be used with graphql)
What is the major you're publishing this app? If unsure, select 0. *
Describe in detail what you want to accomplish with this application *
Do you confirm this submission is NOT a bundle of feature (e.g. xpto.store-components) and is compliant with our guidelines described on https://vtex.io/docs/recipes/development/filling-the-application-form-for-development ? *
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