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Participants are voluntarily engaging in physical exercise
1) the participants who take part in the PGCR/SPIRIT Club classes have no physical or mental health conditions, including, without limitation, any cardiovascular, neurological, disease or other condition that will prevent the participants from
participating in any PGCR/SPIRIT Club program, without injury to the participants or impairment to the participants’ health
2) PGCR/SPIRIT Club recommends that only individuals approved for exercise by their doctors participate in their virtual classes.

1) waives any and all claims and rights that the participant may now or hereafter have against Prince George's Community Resources (hereinafter referred to as PGCR) /Spirit Fit and Health LLC (hereinafter referred to as “SPIRIT Club”) or any PGCR/SPIRIT Club Representative (employee, independent contractor, volunteer or other individual affiliated with the SPIRIT Club), for any loss;
2) releases, discharges, holds harmless & indemnifies SPIRIT Club and any SPIRIT Club Representative, and covenants not to sue PGCR/SPIRIT Club or any SPIRIT Club Representative, with respect to, any and all now existing or hereafter arising claims, losses, injuries (including, without limitation, death), mental, physical and/or emotional distress, causes of action, suits, judgments, demands, fees, costs, expenses (including, without limitation, attorneys’ fees, costs, and expenses), damages, and other liabilities with respect to any loss;
3) understands that PGCR/SPIRIT Club makes no medical claims nor warrants any results from participation in PGCR/SPIRIT Club programs;
4) acknowledges that PGCR/SPIRIT Club has represented that its personnel has no expertise in diagnosing, examining, or creating special plans of exercise for individuals with medical conditions, and that PGCR/SPIRIT Club cannot determine the effect of any specific exercise on any medical condition;
5) recognizes and agrees to assume the risk of injury or illness arising out of the participants’ participation with PGCR/SPIRIT Club.
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