Client Briefing
This worksheet establishes an important foundation for our successful relationship. Your responses to these questions provide deeper insights into your business and allow me to communicate your value to your customers in the best ways possible.

With clear direction from you, I can write copy that speaks directly to your target audience and converts leads into sales!

You cannot give me too much information. If you can't think of a response, just type in something - anything - and move on to the next question. I've always given you an "Other" option to explain responses if necessary. It helps to be open and as detailed as possible for the best results. I want to know everything! Thank you, Leah Presser

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What do you value and care about most about your company/product/services? Why are you in business? Tell me anything about your business that I can't read on your website. *
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What are you against in your business/industry? What bothers you, irks you, drives you nuts? (The same way bland, churned writing from content mills irks me.) *
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Do you have any marketing materials not on your website you can share with me? *
Do you like the marketing materials and website you currently have? *
If not, why not? What would you like to see change about it?
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Do you or your sales team have a FAQ’s resource to share with me?
Moving forward, who will come up with topics to write about? *
What are five descriptive words that define the values you’d like to convey about your company? *
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What is your preferred method of communication?
What is your expectation of my availability? *
What writing tone best reflects your brand? Check all that apply. *
Please provide links to blogs and websites whose tone and presentation you admire. *
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