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I acknowledge that Clare Chater is a qualified shamanic practitioner and life coach, not a doctor or health care professional and that I should not ignore any advice given by my qualified doctor the NHS or my private health care professional. I understand that healing is complementary and to be used alongside professional health care and advice, not instead of. I alone am responsible for the well-being and perception of my life. I take full responsibility for my individual experience and outcome associated with all healing and beyond. I acknowledge that this healing’s intention is to provide a sacred space of trust and privacy for my healing and personal growth. I recognise that the energy healing which I have agreed to receive is highly sought after and a gift. I have carefully and thoroughly read and understood this agreement. I certify that i am 18 years of age or older. Under no circumstances will Clare Chater be held responsible for my actions or circumstances. Heirs, guardians, legal representatives of/and Clare Chater or PASH CEREMONY hereby and forever release, waive, and discharge any claims against Clare Chater or PASH CEREMONY, and any of their associates, affiliates, or family. I am aware that by ticking this box is confirming as my signature and I am agreeing to the aforementioned statements. I accept these terms with gratitude for my individual free will choice.
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