BlizzCon 2016 Badge Order Form
Welcome to my BlizzCon 2016 Badge order form! This page has all the information you need if you are interested in commissioning a badge from me for BlizzCon this year.

All payments are collected up front, and can be fulfilled via PayPal or Google Wallet.

My prices include one print of your badge with a badge holder case. A 19 inch nylon neck strap is included, in your choice of black, red, or blue.

Once I've received your order, I will contact you directly to confirm your order and ask any questions I may have.
Example Badge Art
Name *
First and Last
Email *
How I will contact you for updates and inquiries.
Twitter Name
If you would like to be mentioned when tweets are made containing your badge art.
Name on Badge *
Your name as you want it to appear on the badge.
Shipping Address *
This is where I will be shipping your badge. Please type your address in the correct format for shipping, and include your country.
Badge Frames
Badge Frame *
The frame that I will be using on your badge. See examples above.
Pick One *
The framing used when illustrating your character. Chibi style available upon request, please let me know in the comments.
Pick as many as you want, include links in the Wowhead links section to your selections.
Lanyard (Included in price) *
Your choice of a black, red or blue cloth lanyard.
Shipping (With Tracking via USPS) *
Select your shipping option. Free pickup available to anyone attending BlizzCon 2016, I will arrange to meet with you and deliver your badge in person.
WoWHead Links (One Per Line) *
Include links to any armor sets, weapons, pets, or mounts you want to appear on your character. If not clarified here, I will illustrate your character as they appear on your armory page.
Additional Comments
If you have any specific requests, such as chibi styling or custom badge frame descriptions, leave it here!
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