YouTube Bounty Submission Form
Necessary! All participants in the whole campaign must cooperate with all the guidelines set out below and have to fill out the correct information in the form. Failure to change incorrect details submitted with this form.

Youtube Bounty Rules:

* Must Join Bartertrade Telegram Channel:
* Bounty Discussion and enquires:
* you must subscribe to our YouTube channel.
* You should have a YouTube channel of at least 100 subscribers for making videos
* Make a video review on Bartertrade.
- The video should be at least 1.30 minutes long with a human audio voice.
- Must include YOUR ETH Wallet address in the video description.

*Reward Activities*
- Subscribe to our YouTube channel and turn on notifications:

Extra YouTube activities
- Create a YouTube video
- VIDEO must be related to Bartertrade.
E:g. Bartertrade Features i.e. AlgoTrading, Smartexchange, AITrading, SocialTrading, Cryptocurrencies, Marketplace, Gamification.

* All languages are accepted.
* Generic Video or Low-quality reviews will not be accepted.
* Any video review that has been accepted/qualified and charged will remain published forever and can never be deleted.
* Maximum of 4 video reviews per person only. Maximum of 2 video reviews per week.
* Submit only 1 video review using this form.

* Check results here:

Rewards structure

$0.60 in BRT for subscribing to the channel

Additional Reward for making videos

- Normal: $3 in BRT
- Good: $7 in BRT
- Great: $30 in BRT
- Poor Quality: No reward

+$5 in BRT if the author's face is shown on the video.
(applied only Qualified videos)

For concerns or questions, e-mail us at or Contact our admins on Telegram: @ManmeetBRT @FzBRT
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Must Join BarterTrade Telegram Channel:
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