JS 7
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Objects allow us to represent in code real world things and entities (such as a person or bank account).
In an object all relevant information for that object is stored in one place.
Each piece of information we include in an object is known as a ____________ or category label.
When we have more than one property in an object, each property is separated by __________.
What are the 2 ways a person can access information from an object? (choose 2)
What are the 2 ways of creating an object? (choose 2)
Which way of creating an object uses curly braces?
Methods are functions stored inside of arrays.
Can you put arguments (parameters) inside a method?
The keyword "that" acts as a placeholder in an object, and will refer to whichever object called that method when the method is actually used.
A constructor is a way to create an object. When we write bob = new Object( ); we are using a built-in constructor called Object.
Can you make your own constructors so that entering objects is easier?
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