International Woodworking Camp 2018
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What type of crafts and/or woodworking have you done before? How long is your experience in the area? Which items have you made?
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YOUR WORKSHOPS - please choose from the list in prioritized order:
You can attend 2 long workshops during 4 days and 2 general short workshops. NOTE: We can not guarantee you can attend all 4 of the workshops of your first choice, please plan accordingly. A workshop will not open if the minimum participation requirement is not fulfilled. Depending on the time of your registration some groups might be already full. In that case we will take your next choice (3rd). See the complete workshop list:
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Dietary requirements and/or allergies
Please note your dietary needs. If you have no requirements please mark so. Organizers can provide the following diets: vegetarian, pisceterian (please specify), vegan, lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance. If you have allergies, please note the food items that can not be in the food. You need to bring your own supplies if your diet is not mentioned in the provided list. There is a kitchen in the dormitory.
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Arrival and departure *
Please let us know the approximate time of arrival to Tallinn or Riga (or other nearby location), if possible, also estimated time of departure. We understand that these times can change later on but it will make things easier to arrange. Please also mark whether you arrive by plane, ferry, car etc.
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If you wish, you can add some thoughts, comments or expectations to the camp.
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I understand that by filling and forwarding this form requires me to participate at the International Woodworking Camp on 14-21 July 2018 in Estonia. Payment obligations and rules are stated at and I have read and understood them before forwarding this form.
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