Become a Zine Pavilion organizer!
Thanks so much for considering becoming one of the organizers of the Zine Pavilion. We're a very informal group of library folks from the U.S. and Canada who once a year come together to put on a four-day celebration of zines in the midst of the American Library Association annual conference.

The next Zine Pavilion will happen in Chicago, June 26-29, 2020. You don't have to be there in person to be a co-organizer, but it helps.

Responsibilities of being a Zine Pavilion organizers include (approximately) monthly phone meetings and being willing to volunteer for tasks, which can include: arranging events, contacting zinesters, staffing the Zine Pavilion during the ALA conference, or other tasks. Experienced Zine Pavilion organizers will help every step of the way (this will be our ninth year!).

Feel free to email with any questions.
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