Emergency Housing List Fall 2015
In order to offer temporary accommodations as Emergency Housing for Fall 2015, please review the following guidelines:

1. Must be available to permit access to house/apartment/etc. on the dates you select between August 14th - 30th
2. Must provide valid contact information (i.e. phone number(s), email address) below
3. Must promptly respond to an incoming student's request for lodging within 24 hours

If you are unable to fulfill any of these requirements, please do not add your information to the list. Incoming students who are given the Emergency Housing List have an immediate need that requires a prompt response; often times they need an accommodation for the same day/evening they have contacted you. If you have any questions or concerns about volunteering for the Emergency Housing list, please contact Student Services at student.services@miis.edu or 831-647-4128.
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