Rackless Kazi DJ Residency
Rackless Kazi DJ RESIDENCY



Rackless Kazi DJ RESIDENCY is a platform for young women between the ages 18 to 35 years who are DJs, performers, electronic music producers and sound engineers that will be built through an 6-day interactive residency with mentor DJs and programmers from SA, Namibia, Zambia and UK. The residency will run from 3 – 8 December 2018 in Lusaka Zambia in partnership with British Council Connect Southern Africa Arts programme.

Applicants can be emerging or mid-career creatives within the art sector, or work as electronic club or radio dj/performer in visual/music produceric/theater/dance/literature arts,artists/galleries/museums/fashion/cultural centersheritage institutions or hold positions in the art public sector and/art institutions and governmentsound engineer/singer..


⋅ By being a Successful participants you get a certificate of achievement
⋅ No fee for participants.
⋅ Networking opportunities.
⋅ Opportunity to develop professional DJ skill
⋅ Selected local DJ’s get playtime within radio and club session
⋅ Intensive theory and practice on DJ process

The project consists of two components:

- Residency from 3 to 8th December 9:00 to 17:00 hrs each day.
- Masterclass, presentations, artistic talk, interactive sessions and performance


The Applicants can be emerging or mid-career creatives within the music sector, or work as electronic club or radio dj/performer/music producer/sound engineer/singer. We AfroLuso Program seeks to engage artists curatorsand art administratorscurators-to-beworking in the management of all professional disciplines ofvisual arts (from electronic music industry, dance, theater, and poetry, visual. Modzi ArtsAfroLuso accepts applicants from around Africa but preference is given to participants from the SADC region, with particular attention paid to applicants from Zambia.

Applicants must:

- Applicants can be emerging or mid-career creatives within the music sector
- Anyone from the SADC Region may apply, but preference will be given to Zambians
-Must be between 18-35 years of age and FEMALES ONLY
-Be Currently working in the electronic music industry
- Have a minimum of one year experience the electronic music industry


- Agree that their names and information pertaining to their professional profile may be used for Modzi Arts/Rackless Kazi promotional, marketing and reporting purposes
- Ensure their availability and commitment to participate in an intensive residency scheduled for the period Monday 3 to Saturday 8 December 2018 in Lusaka, Zambia.
- Ensure they organise their own accommodation and travel expenses, if from outside Lusaka/Zambia.
- Ensure they are able to obtain a visa, where necessary, to enter Zambia in time for the commencement of the residency and for its full duration


- Final candidates will be contacted by the 27th of November 2018.
- Successful candidates must accept and confirm attendance, in writing by the 28th

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