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If you accessed this page, you're probably having some issue during your trip. We always get really sad when our volunteers are not enjoying the experience, but we believe that hard moments are also part of the adventure. Before you continue answering, we suggest that you talk to the host. Most of the times he/she doesn't know if there's a problem and also wants to create a good experience.
If the problem is not solved after a really good talk, be sure that our support team will do everything to help you out.

Worldpackers Insurance Policy:
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We will change your departure date on the platform in order to help you better with finding another host and keeping your dates updated in Worldpackers.
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Tell us why you're asking for our support. Try to be as clear as you can, so we can help you out with facility.
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If your Insurance is approved, we'll try to find a new host for you. In this case, it's important to know if you can stay in a different country or city around. This way, increases the chance to find a nice host that can receive you at the last minute :)
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