2020 Band Challenges
Rules for Challenges
1. Students can only challenge the seat directly in front of him/her. (Ex: 5th Chair challenges 4th Chair… 5th Chair cannot challenge 3rd chair until he/she wins the challenge of 4th chair)

2. Students will challenge on material based on the director’s choice. Material can be a combination of scales, music from the band pieces that we play, solo lit chosen by the director, and/or sight reading.

3. Students will challenge on the music that the higher chair student plays. (Ex: 5th Chair is challenging 4th chair. 5th Chair plays 2nd trumpet and 4th chair plays 1st trumpet. Both students will challenge on the 1st trumpet music. 5th chair needs to notify a director that they need a copy of the 1st trumpet part)

4. Challenges may be done during map, before school, after school, or during class… depending on everyone’s schedule.

5. The order of challenges will be based on the order they were received. This could affect challenges that are scheduled after previous challenges. (Ex: Chair 5 Challenges Chair 4. Chair 6 challenges 5 after Chair 5 challenges Chair 4. So Chair 5/4 challenge will happen 1st then Chair 6/5 challenge will happen after that. If Chair 5 beats Chair 4 then Chair 6’s challenge will not happen. Chair 6 will have to challenge the new chair 5 through another google form.
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